A unique building

Sustainable business centre

Torre Iberdrola, designed by prestigious Argentine architect César Pelli, is the latest milestone reached in the process of transformation undergone by the city of Bilbao and the central feature of its new financial centre.

With a height of 165 metres, this elegant office building has become a work of art in tertiary architecture and a reference for its design, technology and sustainability.

Torre Iberdrola has one of most demanding certifications: the prestigious LEED CS 2.0 Certification awarded by the USGBC, which evaluates and acknowledges those projects which make use of the most environmentally respectful practices and are therefore the healthiest and most environmentally responsible, with the most profitable structures.

A smart building

In the construction of Torre Iberdrola, state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of sustainability, security, facilities, etc. were used, making it a role model amongst buildings throughout the country. Coupled with its high-impact design in the form of a triangular prism are its use of the latest advancements and the highest-quality materials.

This has resulted in achieving significant energy savings, thereby meeting the needs of the most demanding companies.

Torre Iberdrola is a perfect combination of design, technology and functionalism.

The new focal point of culture and business in Bilbao

Torre Iberdrola is located between the Deusto Bridge, Plaza Euskadi, Calle Ramón Rubial and the gardens of Campa de los Ingleses, inside the new development of Abandoibarra, today’s symbol of Bilbao’s transformation and the new focal point for culture and business.

The Tower, which plays the main role within this development, has become the new finance and business icon in Bilbao and contains approximately 50,000 square metres of rentable space. Furthermore, the flexibility of its layout makes it possible to perform modular use of these spaces to take the utmost advantage of their potential.

Advantage of working in a sustainable building

  • Protecting the health of the building occupants
  • Improving productivity of building users
  • Reducing overall impact on the environment
  • Parking spaces for electric vehicles with a recharging station
  • Bicycle parking and fast connections with the public transportation network (Metro, trams and bus)
  • Reducing water use by up to 40 %
  • Saving up to 20 % on energy use
  • 10,000 square metres of green spaces and leisure areas
  • LEED CS Platinum Certification

Dosier Torre Iberdrola

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