We ensure our users’ safety

We care about your safety

At Torre Iberdrola, safety is one of our top priorities. We have a building entrance control system for workers and visitors, as well as sophisticated fire protection installations with fire prevention, detection and extinguishing mechanisms.

Internal security

  • Anti-intruder control at all doors leading into the core area, including the technical area doors.
  • Real-time surveillance using close-circuit television systems at core areas on the floors and in the stairwells.
  • Motion detection system in common areas.
  • Loudspeaker notice system.

Entrance control

  • Entrance control for people at the main entrance using turnstiles with cards.
  • Control of entrance by vehicles into the underground parking area with barriers and number plate scanners.
  • Scanning of packages and deliveries, preventing the entrance of potentially suspicious items.

Fire protection

Early fire detection is achieved by using a large number of detectors. The building is equipped with the following automatic protection mechanisms: Dry columns in stairwells, a network of equipped fire hydrants distributed around the core area of each floor, an extensive network of sprinklers in rooms, a system of fire extinguishers strategically distributed throughout floors and near potential starters and a dual pressure unit for supplying water to fight fires. There are also firewalls inside of the temperature control duct system, pressurised evacuation passages, ventilation in stairs and a network of lighting for signs and exit routes for evacuations. As a complement to these installations, Torre Iberdrola has put in place innovative capacity control software.

The systems are tested regularly, and every year an emergency drill is carried out to familiarise users, intervention teams and emergency groups with the building, its systems and evacuation routes.

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