29th Floor

A wide-open versatile space with some unique views

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The 29th Floor of Torre Iberdrola provides one of the finest offerings available to organise your business meetings with a unique, unmatchable view as a backdrop: the city of Bilbao at your feet, with the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, the San Mamés soccer stadium, the mountains of Serantes, Artxanda, Ganekogorta and Pagasarri, and even the Duranguesado Mountain Range with the Bay of Biscay.

29th Floor

Inside Bilbao’s financial icon

Since it was built, Torre Iberdrola has become a point of reference in the fast-paced financial life of Bizkaia’s capital city. The building was raised at the heart of new Bilbao, in a modern, accessible area which is very well-connected to transportation links. Torre Iberdrola is not just the tallest building in the Basque Country. It is the city’s new economic centre and a reference among spaces for businesses.

29th Floor

Organise your events and meetings in the Tower

The open space on the 29th Floor is the ideal location for holding your events. A unique place where you will find the exclusivity you are seeking for your work lunches, cocktail events and celebrations. Both our restaurant and wonderful catering service will live up to the most demanding of expectations. The spaces versatility and our gourmet cuisine offerings will surprise you. Consult with us on anything, and we will be delighted to meet any of your needs and take any suggestions.

Torre Iberdrola’s 29th Floor: Events that are high in the sky

A wide-open, versatile space measuring 1,000 m²
with unique views from a height of 131 m

Services on the 29th Floor

Torre Iberdrola’s 29th Floor is equipped with:

A useful floor area of 1,000 m²

A wide-open, versatile space measuring 1,000 m² with unique views from a height of 131 m over the city of Bilbao, making it possible to hold the most exclusive of events.

Free height of 2.80 metres

High spaces mean well-lit, wide-open, elegant offices by allowing natural light to pour in directly.

Wi-Fi system

A modern, high-quality Internet service that provides excellent bandwidth for meetings, presentations and video conferences.

Full lighting, blinds and temperature control.

All of the rooms have a smart heating and cooling system, along with lighting control, which provides a high level of comfort in any of the available spaces.

A 60 W speaker sound system

Each of the rooms offers an excellent state-of-the-art loudspeaker system to promote better communications at all events.

Maximum power of 250 A

This floor is equipped for hosting events with the greatest technical demands, because it offers maximum power from the existing power grid at 250 A.


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